Experience Reports Incomings

*Die Erfahrungsberichte und Meinungsäußerungen von den Studierenden geben ausschließlich die persönlichen Meinungen des*der jeweiligen Verfassers*Verfasserin wider.

David Müller (SS2022) - von der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart (Deutschland)

Bachelorstudium Komposition und Musiktheorie

"My Erasmus exchange semester in Graz was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is also considering going there. For one thing, KUG is a very renowned university, especially in the field of contemporary classical music. You are integrated into the university very quickly and get to know lots of new people. I also really liked the central location of the KUG and the different buildings of the campus. The International Office always provided support without any problems; they helped me directly with any questions I had. On the other hand, the city of Graz is very beautiful: Graz is not too big, so you can find your way around very quickly. In addition, the city is very young due to the many students, and the city park invites you to linger in the summer. There is also a lot going on in the nightlife because of the many students. If Graz becomes too small in the long run, weekend trips to Vienna, Bratislava, Maribor or simply to the mountains for hiking are also recommended."

Dennis Scheiba (SS2022) - von der Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf (Deutschland)

Masterstudium Computermusik und Klangkunst

"Interested in composition with digital sound synthesis it didn’t take me long to figure out that the IEM Graz is one of the hotspots in Europe for this topic. After my acceptance I got the pleasure to visit seminars about aesthetics and recent history of music, having technical courses like advanced sound synthesis, building own instruments in workshops and also having courses with an emphasis on practical artistic expression with crossovers to visual media as well. All this not just inspired me to try out new ways of working but also allowed me to progress in my development as an artist and I am really glad for the time and opportunities at IEM Graz.
Although you have a close by, quiet and jaw dropping nature Graz is also a cultural metropolis with many interesting events nearly everyday, so you get the best of both worlds."

Markus Radke (WS2021/22) - von der Universität der Künste Berlin (Deutschland)

Masterstudium Elektrotechnik-Toningenieur

"Im Rahmen meines Master-Studiums im Studiengang 'Tonmeister*in' an der Universität der Künste in Berlin verbrachte ich ein Auslandssemester an der Kunstuniversität und Technischen Universität in Graz. Einer der Hauptgründe für mich, in Graz studieren zu wollen, war mein Interesse am 3D-Audioformat Ambisonics. Graz selbst habe ich als unglaublich lebenswerte Stadt empfunden: Spaziergänge haben sich stets gelohnt, da es immer spannende Ecken zu entdecken gab. Auch kulturell hat die Stadt einiges zu bieten. Mit dem Bus ist man in etwas mehr als 30 Minuten beim Schöckl, dem Grazer 'Hausberg', was ich sehr genossen habe. Insgesamt kann ich ein Auslandssemester in Graz fachlich, der Stadt und auch der Menschen wegen nur empfehlen."


Suthipong Tantivanichkij (SJ 2021/22) - von der Mahidol University (Thailand)

Masterstudium Orchesterdirigieren

"My name is Suthipong Tantivanichkij, from Thailand, I was a student of ASEA-UNINET Ernst Mach Grant and studied Orchestral Conducting at KUG in 2021. This was a privileged opportunity for me to be a student at the KUG for a period of nine months during winter and summer semesters. I had the chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills directly from experience and notable faculties. Moreover, I had chances to work with the orchestra (Szombathely orchestra and Bad Reichenhall Philharmoniker) and KUG Kammerorchestra in Operetta concerts. On the other part, I really enjoyed my student life in Graz, the local culture can inspire and the food is very delicious. It was a wonderful time and an unforgettable experience/chance to live in the beautiful city of Graz."

Iason Svoronos Kanavas (WS 2021/22) - von der Ionischen Universität (Griechenland)

Erasmus+ Studierendenpraktikum

"I was a traineeship student at the KUG for a time period of 6 months during the winter semester. More specifically, during my stay in Graz I collaborated with researchers of the university at the IEM for two research projects. With this opportunity I had the chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills directly from people with long experience in my field through practice. Furthermore, with regards to the student life, Graz is definitely a student city so it was easy to meet and hang out with people. I enjoyed my strolls at the city centre on quiet Sundays, the bicycle rides as well as hanging out for Austrian beer sampling with my friends. The local culture can truly inspire, from the Styrian accent and the variety of different words that people use (I will never forget Sackl for Plastiktüte) to the welcoming spirit of the locals, their daily life and activities. It was wonderful that I had the chance to stay in Graz as well as to carry out a traineeship at the KUG. It was an unforgettable experience and a wonderful time being there."

Dalma Késics (SS 2021) - von der Universität Szeged (Ungarn)

Bachelorstudium Orchesterinstrumente/Klarinette

"I went to Peggau with my Indian friends. I went to Vienna with my flat-mate for a few days. After the semester I spent one week in Graz and I visited Grüner See, the Eggenberg Castle and a waterfall in Semriach."

Hannes Ivask (Studienjahr 2020/21) - von der University of Tartu (Estland)

Bachelorstudium Computermusik und Klangkunst

"I basically chose the destination of my exchange year by throwing a dart at the list of my home university's partner schools. I had no idea what to expect, but the dart couldn't have landed on a better place. The stay in KUG and in Graz has been wonderful. I've met so many amazing people, done a lot of interesting things and learned a lot from all of the various lessons I took. Studying Computer Music here has been only a pleasure. All of the teachers, professors and other students have been extremely helpful, very professional and easy to talk to. The city itself is an amazing place to live for a year (or longer) and I'm lucky I got to explore the surrounding areas as well. Even though the COVID situation has been a bit of an annoyance - mostly because there wasn't much going on and all of the lessons were online - I still managed to make the most of it and enjoy living here."

Pablo Galaz (Studienjahr 2019/20) - von der University of Huddersfield (UK)

Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliches Doktoratsstudium Komposition & Musiktheorie

"When I started my PhD in Music Composition, I never thought I would spend one year in Graz – I didn't even know that an Erasmus+ exchange was possible for postgraduate studies! When I asked my University about the options and saw the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in the list, I knew I wanted to go there. I visited Graz a few years before my exchange for the Impuls festival, so I was aware that it was not only a beautiful city for living, but also an excellent place for studying music. The level of professors and students is really outstanding, and the university staff was always extremely friendly. During my stay in Graz I made friends, met many musicians, established new connections and learned a lot from knowing the artistic research that is being conducted within the KUG. And I also improved my German! I would recommend any music student, at any level of their studies, to go spend a year in Graz if they can."

Nolwenn Tardy (WS 2020) - von Pôle supérieur d'enseignement artistique of Paris Boulogne-Billancourt (Frankreich)

Bachelorstudium historische Streich- und Violininstrumente

"I spent 3 months at the KUG from the beginning of November until the end of January. I studied baroque violin and early music with Susanne Scholz, Konstanze Rieckh and Alexander Gergelyfi, who are all generous teachers and marvelous musicians. It was amazing to see how helpful and kind-hearted all the teachers and students of my class were. They made my Erasmus a really interesting and sweet time in spite of the difficult corona situation. Graz is a really beautiful city where it’s really nice to spend time."