Erasmus+ Study Exchange

Before the mobility

  • Students can do an Erasmus+- stay abroad as long as they are enroled at the KUG.
  • If you wish to study abroad for one or two semesters, starting in the winter semester, you must ensure that your application is complete in the previous academic year, so it can be accepted by the International Office (IO) by March 15th the latest.
  • If a student applies for the summer semester, the full application must be forwarded to the IO by October 15th of the previous semester.
  • Applicants have to enter their applications in the respective database of the partner university themselves!
  • Please note the deadlines as well as the following information (only available in German).
  • Attention: Partner universities have different deadlines for accepting applications. It is particularly important that you inform yourself about the deadlines as you know which partner university you are considering as a host university.


  • Long-term mobility
    • At least 2 months of physical mobility
    • Max. 12 months per study cycle (BA, MA, PhD)
    • For diploma/one-cycle studies: maximum of 24 Erasmus+ study months
    • IMPORTANT: Every study stay and traineeship (including doctoral mobility) can be carried out as blended mobility (Please consult the respective host institution).
  • If a student applies for one semester only, a subsequent extension of the stay is possible only if the stay abroad began in the winter semester. The formalities regarding the extension must be observed.
  • Erasmus + students are exempt from any tuition fees at the partner university. For the duration of the stay abroad, the student is also exempted from the tuition fees at the KUG. However, the stay abroad must be reported in person at the Registrar´s Office before the student´s departure to the host country. Furthermore, a reinscription at the KUG (without the ZKF - Major Artistic Subject) is necesary.


Financial Assistance 

  • Erasmus + students receive a mobility grant (Mobilitätszuschuss) for the duration of their stay abroad, the amount of which depends on the destination country. This Erasmus + mobility grant is a partial scholarship and covers only a part of the costs incurred.
  • Minimum requirements (reimbursement limit for the mobility grant): 3 ECTS credits per month
  • The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research has decided to give full Erasmus+ grants to economically disadvantaged students, since the beginning of the academic year 2019/20, as well as giving them the opportunity to apply for further "aid for studying abroad" as study aid recipients.
    From the 2021/2022 academic year onwards: There is now additional funding for those receiving student grants, namely a monthly top-up of 250 euros: this is, however, a decision of the European Commission. Disabled and chronically ill people as well as students who take their children to the Erasmus + study site, also receive a monthly top-up amounting to 250 euros. Evidence must be submitted to the IO before the stay abroad (handicap pass, medical certificate; birth certificate; registration of the child at the host university, etc.).
  • Database for grants: Further offers for financing your stay abroad with scholarships can be found on the website of the OEAD.

Insurance Information

  • The students are obliged to provide sufficient insurance coverage (health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance) for the duration of their stay abroad. Students must inform themselves about the requirements in the host country and institution, and also inquire with their social insurance in Austria.

Application Process

If you are interested in an exchange semester/ year at one of our partner institutions, please contact our coordinator for outgoing students, Michaela Ritter, who will inform you about the necessary steps.

The entire application process is handled via Mobility-Online, which will remain as a communication platform until the end of your stay. Mobility-Online will allow you to upload the following information and files (find examples here):

  1. Student Application Form (Please Fill Out in Mobility-Online)
  2. KUG Learning Agreement for Studies (Please Fill out in Mobility-Online)
  3. CV
  4. Letter of motivation
  5. Performance Files/Documentation (Audio and Video files, Portfolio, Certificates - independent of the application documents requested by the partner university) 
  6. Official test results: for Musicology and IEM students

!!ATTENTION: Application deadlines for prospective outgoing students at the KUG !!

Please register in Mobility-Online in good time so that we can consider your application!

  • Those interested in Erasmus+ for the winter semester 2023 and for the entire academic year 2023/2024 must register by March 15, 2023.
  • Those interested in Erasmus+ for the summer semester 2024 must register by October 15, 2023.

in Mobility-Online.

You can find all information about Mobility-Online HERE.

Students of the Teacher Education Programme

Students of the Teacher Education Programme for Secondary Level General Education in the Teacher Education Network South-East may apply under the Erasmus+ programme (applies only to  study visits in programme countries) to a maximum of one of the universities or higher education institutions in the network for a stay abroad in the same period. This institution does not have to be the main admitting institution. The deadlines and procedures of the respective institutions apply.

For further information (only available in German):

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