Information Outgoing

The time during your studies and immediately afterwards is ideal for spending a certain amount of time abroad and gaining international experience: You get to know another university, immerse yourself in another culture, possibly learn a new language, ideally play in one ensemble and establish contacts with future colleagues. In the area of ​​research and teaching in particular, international mobility is indispensable - science must be thought globally, new trends must be assessed globally. Personal encounters and immersion in other (research) cultures with a medium- and long-term cooperation on site are of irreplaceable value. Often, new research collaborations result from mobilities, which significantly shape the further research life.

It is important to the International Office (IO) of the KUG to provide the best possible support to all students and lecturers who want to study or do research abroad. We wish all outgoers an exciting time abroad, priceless experiences and lots of fun getting to know other cultures!