Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships (SMT) at KUG

| Foto: Uli Weiand, Pixabay


  • Traineeships abroad for:
    • Students who are currently enrolled in higher education institutions in programme countries for a Bachelor, Master or PhD programme.
    • Recent University graduates (traineeship must be completed within 12 months of graduation).
  • The traineeship must
    • be relevant for your studies or personal development and
    • should preferably be integrated into your study programme.
  • An Erasmus+ traineeship at KUG can include for example the following activities:
    • participation in research projects,
    • internships (i.e. unpaid attendance as a guest for a limited time, shadowing in class in the field of education, such as stage design internships or project internships),
    • assistance in a department of the KUG.


  • From a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months - your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study.


  • It is NOT possible to complete courses at KUG during the traineeship.
    • NO One-to-One-Lessons
    • NO participation in Chamber Music or Orchestra Projects.
  • NO exams can be taken and it is NOT possible to receive any ECTS credits.


  • Look for a suitable traineeship position and discuss the possible programme of the traineeship preliminarily with your supervisor at KUG. (NOTE: The International Office cannot arrange traineeships.)
  • Nomination by the international coordinator of your home university by e-mail to: international_office(at) – at least 3 months before the planned beginning of your traineeship!
  • After the nomination you will receive a link to the application form as well as instructions for our application platform Mobility-Online.
  • Please fill in the application form on Mobility-Online.
  • Complete your Learning Agreement for Traineeships as discussed preliminarily with your supervisor, sign it yourself and have it signed by the responsible person at your home university. A signature by your KUG-supervisor is not required at this point.
  • Log in to Mobility-Online and complete your application in your Mobility-Online workflow: complete personal and address details, upload application documents (Learning Agreement for Traineeships signed by student and sending institution, CV, copy of your passport/ID). Submit your application in the Mobility-Online Workflow.
  • After submitting the complete application documents, it can take approximately 5 weeks until your traineeship is approved.
  • Upon approval of your traineeship, you will receive a confirmation and the Learning Agreement for Traineeships signed by your supervisor by e-mail.
  • Beginning of your stay: Please register with the Registrar’s Office of the KUG (Address: Leonhardstraße 15, ground floor, 8010 Graz, e-mail: and pay the ÖH fee. As an Erasmus+ trainee at KUG you will be enrolled as a student. Thus, you will receive a student ID card (KUG card), will have access to the KUGonline system and will be able to use the infrastructure of the KUG (e.g. library resources).
  • Before the end of your traineeship: Enter the actual dates of your stay in your Mobility-Online workflow and request your Confirmation of Stay.
  • Completion of your stay: Receive the Confirmation of Stay (either by picking it up in the International Office or as a download from Mobility-Online).
    The Traineeship Certificate will be signed by your supervisor. 

Information on insurance can be found here


Updated: July 2021