Mobility with travel allowances from the KUG


The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz supports the initiation and maintenance of co-operations with other universities, colleges and artistically or scientifically oriented institutions and organisations in Austria and abroad, further education events and excursion participation, as well as travel activities in connection with projects which are a part of target agreements with other organizations.

Qualified Persons

Artistic and Academic Personnel of the KUG

| Foto: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

The following activities are supported:

  • Lecture; presentation at a conference or symposium (confirmation of receipt or official information material to be attached)
  • Poster presentation (poster presentation to be attached)
  • Lecture recital; holding a guest lecture at a foreign university, college, or conservatory within the framework of an existing partnership agreement
  • Jury; review activities; research visits; stay for the evolution and development of the arts (EEK)
  • Seminar; congress visit


You will find all the necessary documents under "Documents for financial support".

Updated: April 2021