Information about KUG travel allowances for artistic and academic personnel


The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) supports the initiation and maintenance of cooperations with other universities, colleges and / or artistically or scientifically oriented institutions and organisations in Austria and abroad, advanced training courses and excursions as well as travel in connection with projects which are a part of target agreements with other organisations.

Eligible personnel

Artistic and Academic Personnel of the KUG

The following activities are supported:

  • Lecture/Presentation at a conference or symposium (confirmation of acceptance or official information material must be attached)
  • Poster presentation (poster presentation to be attached)
  • Lecture recital/Guest lecture at a foreign university, college, or conservatory within the framework of an existing partnership agreement
  • Jury/Expert activities/Research stay/stay regarding arts-based research (EEK)
  • Seminar/congress attendance


  • Application deadline: no later than TWO MONTHS BEFORE the start of the trip. If this deadline is not met, a credible reason for the late submission must be enclosed. You will usually receive a confirmation that the application has been received. If this is not the case, you can assume that the application was NOT received by the IO. In this case, please contact us, because: Submission after the start or end of the travel movement is NOT possible.
  • Before you leave, we will inform you about the amount of the approved travel allowance. It is a grant. It is therefore quite possible that the sum will be less than the requested amount.
  • An advance on a travel allowance cannot be granted.
  • A leave of absence must be applied for separately.
  • If a trip approved with a travel allowance is not taken, the IO must be informed immediately.

  • Travel allowances of up to €2,000 per person can be granted per calendar year.
  • The travel allowance is only paid directly to the person who undertook the journey.
  • When the travel allowance is settled, all costs must be documented with original invoices and proof of payment (e.g. confirmation of bank transfer or with a note of payment). When offsetting flight costs, the original tickets and boarding passes must also be attached.
  • Travel costs:
    • max. € 800,-/ within Europe and € 1.400,-/ outside of Europe
    • 2nd Class train ride (seat reservations are normally not paid for)
    • Flight costs (cheapest fare) including baggage fees
    • Subway, bus, other public transport
    • Travel in your own car: charged on the basis of 2nd class train travel
  • Accomodation expenses:
    •  max. € 110,- per night (upon presentation of the original invoice)
    • For private overnight stays without proof: Fixed rate of € 15,- per night
  • Fees:
    • Congress/conference/seminar fees up to max. € 450,-


  • The statement is made by submitting the approved application form together with the corresponding original receipts (please number according to the list) within four months at the latest, starting with the calendar month in which the end of the travel movement falls. There is no entitlement to reimbursement for travel allowances billed late.
  • Report (template according to form or free) - benefits of the trip for KUG

In order to be able to complete the settlement of the travel allowances as quickly as possible, we ask for a complete and proper submission of the ncessary documents.

Updated: October 2022