Staff mobilities in the framework of Erasmus+

Teacher Mobility (STA) and Staff Mobility for Further Education and Training (STT)

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About Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union continues to provide for the possibility of short-term teacher and staff exchanges. University staff have the opportunity for a funded training period abroad. Participating countries are the 27 EU Member States, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Statistics on the mobility of students and teachers within and outside Europe within the framework of the Ersamus+ education programme can be found here (German only!).


The aim of the mobility projects funded by Erasmus+ is to achieve positive and sustainable impacts for the participating individuals and organisations. The stays abroad have a positive impact on educational, social, personal and professional development as they improve knowledge, skills and attitudes, increase employability, contribute to confidence building and independence, stimulate curiosity and innovation, foster understanding of others and create a sense of belonging to Europe. The experiences gained are not only personally enriching but also benefit educational and youth institutions as well as the labour market. They contribute to internationalisation, an increase in quality and innovation of the national education systems.

Teachers and staff of educational institutions of all education sectors can benefit from further education periods abroad or, in some cases, teach abroad for a certain period of time. The universities have the opportunity to expand their teaching profile. The connection between the universities is strengthened.

Teacher Mobility

  • Teachers must teach at least 2 days (excluding travel time), at least 8 hours.
  • The teacher / KUG member must be officially invited by the host institution.
  • The teaching period of the guest lecturer (workshop, seminar, lecture, lecture recital, etc.) should make a significant contribution to the regular study programme of the host university and must be integrated into the study programme of the partner institution.
  • A leave of absence must be applied for in the case of teaching mobilities.
  • Ideally, teacher mobility activities take place in exchange.

Further Education & Training Mobility

  • Stays abroad for the purpose of further education must last at least 3 days and are limited to a max. of 8 weeks (excluding travel time).
  • The staff member must be officially invited by the host institution.
  • Special paid leave must be applied for in the case of training mobilities.
  • Ideally, activities within the framework of training mobility take place in exchange.




Further information on Erasmus+ teaching and training visits can be found on the OEAD (German only!) website.

Updated: May 2022