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Entry conditions due to COVID-19

Important information for incoming students

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Please monitor the current entry conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic closely and be aware of possible changes to the regulations! Inform yourself early enough if a PCR/antigen test before entry and self-quarantine are necessary in your case.

You’ll find information here:

OEAD: Information in connection with COVID-19
Federal Ministry, Republic of Austria: FAQs Traveling
Federal Ministry, Republic of Austria: Coronavirus Information
Coronavirus in Austria: Pre-travel clearance

Please also check the website of the Austrian representative authority in your home country as well as the Ministry of the Exterior of your home country and – if you are arriving by plane – the regulations of your airline.

Summary of the current entry regulations:*

Entering Austria from states not mentioned in "Appendix A” (low-incidence countries, see*) is possible under the terms below for persons who are entering the country to take up or continue a course of study or to do research at an Austrian university (among others). You can bring your Acceptance Letter, a Certificate of Enrolment (can be printed yourself from KUGonline after enrolment) or a confirmation by our Registrar’s office (studienabteilung(at) – only possible after enrolment as well) as proof.

Since January 15th, online registration (Pre-Travel-Clearance) for entry into Austria is necessary, regardless of which country you are traveling from. If the registration cannot be done online, the completed and printed form can be used instead. Upon entry, the digital or printed Pre-Travel-Clearance form must be presented to the authorities upon request.

NEW: As of February 10th, 2021 a medical certificate proofing a negative COVID-19test, which does not date back more than 72 hours before entry, must be presented by request in addition to the online registration and quarantine. If this is not possible, a medical certificate or test result issued in Austria can be brought afterwards within 24 hours.

Entrants must quarantine for 10 days if entry is permitted. A PCR or antigen test can only be carried out from the 5th day after entry. If the result is negative, the quarantine can be ended prematurely.

*This does not apply to regular commuters and travelers who have stayed in Greece, Singapore, Australia, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea or the Vatican (these are the low-incidence countries) in the last 10 days before entering Austria and who can substantiate this.

>>Information in case of quarantine<<

Updated: February 10, 2021