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Columbian Delegation visits KUG

Rector Mr. Alejandro Ceballos Márquez from the "Universidad de Caldas" and the Honorary Consule Mr. Dipl.Ing. Alonso Alberto Jimenez Arboleda visited the KUG on May 8, 2019

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On the 8th of May, 2019, the University of Music and the Performing Arts Graz received a visit from the Rector of the “Universidad de Caldas,” Mr. Alejandro Ceballos Márquez, and the Honorary Consule Mr. Dipl.Ing Alonso Alberto Jimenez Arboleda. The theme of future collaboration was discussed at a reception with the acting Vice Rector, Univ.Prof. Eike Straub, and a “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed to signify our two universities´ interest in further cooperations. At the end of the reception, a tour of the KUG was offered by Marlis Müller-Lorenz which inspired a great interest in the MUMUTH from our visitors. This enthusiasm led them spontaneously to the “KUG Jazz Night – Zum Antritt: Luis Bonilla,” where they experienced a wonderful concert and the multifunctional György-Ligeti-Saal in action, which they enjoyed greatly.