Your stay at KUG

Before your arrival in Graz

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1. Prearrangements

We recommend you to prepare for your exchange semester at our university in the following way:

  • Inform yourself about the teachers in your subject area, their teaching methods, and possibly their thematic priorities in order to formulate a teacher request for the Major Artistic Subject ("Zentrales Künstlerisches Fach", short ZKF).
  • KUGonline gives you an overview of the courses, which are available to every exchange student, such as Choir, Meet for Music, and all scientific lectures and courses that do not require more intensive individual attention. If seats are available, registration is also possible for the orchestra. With this tutorial we help you to find courses offered at the KUG: "How to find courses at the KUG."
  • Language of Instruction and level of German (at the end of the page, see also FAQs)
  • Award of a study place through our exchange programmes: The signature of the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching of the KUG on your Learning Agreement / Study Plan is a necessary prerequisite for the awarding of a KUG study place and the issuing of Acceptance Letters by our department.

2. Learning Agreement (LA) / Study Plan (SP)

Differentiated information on the LA / SP makes it easier for us to subsequently assess and award a study place. In addition, an accurate LA / SP will allow you to recognise the ECTS credits earned at your home institution. Instructions for completing the LAs / SPs can be found at: >>How to fill out the Learning Agreement (LA) / Study Plan (SP)?<<

If possible, you should achieve a max. amounting to 30 ECTS credits per semester (see guidelines Erasmus+). At least 3 ECTS credits per month (Mobility Grant Recovery Limit) must be earned and recognized by the sending institution. Please understand that the International Office can not answer questions about individual courses and ECTS credits.

3. Acceptance Letter

After you have received your acceptance letter, you must register on KUGonline within the admission period. Detailed instructions will be sent to you together with your acceptence letter.

Admission/ Registration Deadlines:

Winter Semester:       September 2 to 17, 2020

Summer Semester:    February 8 to 25, 2021

After Arriving in Graz

1. Registration

Stop by at our Welcome Center (DIRECTIONS) and register in person. Please note the Acceptance and Registration Deadlines.

Please complete all necessary official registrations: 

2. Welcome Information Day (WID)

Participation in the WID, which usually takes place at the beginning of the Study Year in September, is mandatory. >>More info<<

The Welcome Meeting for Summer Semester 2021 will take place on February 24, 2021.

3. INFORMATION ABOUT CAMPUS LIFE: Further information about important organisational matters which have to be taken into account when planning your studies as well as during your stay.

Before Leaving Graz

1. Transcript of Records (TOR)

Ask your teachers to add your grades to KUGonline. Deregister at the Registrar´s Office and personally receive your ToR there. If all of your exam results are not available at that time, you may request the ToR via the International Office by e-mail (international_office(at) later.

2. Confirmation of Stay

Download the Confirmation of Stay from Mobility-Online and fill it out. Then come visit us at the International Office. We confirm your stay with our signature and stamp. Please pick up the original at the International Office. Finally, upload the Confirmation of Stay in Mobility-Online again.

>>DOWNLOAD: Checklist for Incoming Exchange Students<<

Updated: November 2020